Produced by the Italian company since 1975, security doors Dierre characterized by modern technology and innovative solutions used only by Dierre. Their security is primarily to protect against intrusions.


Dierre structure differs from other security doors such technical solutions - such as construction:
wieloryglowy central locking fitted sheet MIA - Patent Dierre (allows for the exchange without having to change the key lock)
Artiglio bolt - Patent Dierre (blocking the door frame, performing rotate 90 degrees to prevent the bolt wyszarpanie)
of multi adjustable hinges - Patent Dierre (allows for perfect fit to the door frame)
movable profiled seal threshold automatically adjusts to the shape of the ground after closing the door, protected from light and air flow)
opportunity to compose arbitrary sets of lining (to choose from hundreds of designs and types of linings, the possibility of their replacement during the operation).

The company also has in its offer as fire doors and technical addition to the basic functions also have a high aesthetic level.