Living close to nature

Light, air and contact with nature are basic human needs, that ensure people's well being. With winter garden can be implemented throughout the year. Winter Garden gives the house nice and cozy atmosphere and introduced into the interior for more light.

Enjoy the beauty of each specific season, without experiencing the negative effects of the aura, such as cold and moisture. You can commune with nature in spring and autumn, also during the cold and rain, and even step into a winter idyll, not freezing.

Conservatories Schüco consist of multiple, perfectly matched components. Due to the diversity of solutions winter garden can be individually tailored to the style of the building. Thermal and moisture conditions require the use of building elements made of top quality materials. Thanks termoizolowanym profiles and glazing of the highest quality, Schüco conservatories can easily meet the requirements of thermal protection of buildings.


Klienci indywidualni,Produkty,Ogrody zimowe
Klienci indywidualni,Produkty,Ogrody zimowe
Klienci indywidualni,Produkty,Ogrody zimowe

Optimal climate even in summer

Contrary to popular belief, modern conservatories do not consume additional energy for heating. On the contrary, shining sunlight is converted into heat, for example, heat up floor tiles. Heat such can not escape to the outside through a glass cover. Thanks so arises. greenhouse effect, which clearly reduces the heat supplied from outside the conventional heating systems.

For a winter garden in the summer does not become overheated, Schüco offers a variety of forms zacienień: systems and roller shutters, sliding shutters and awnings Schüco, perfectly suited to the winter garden modules. Thanks to automatic ventilation systems can, at high external temperatures provide a pleasant temperature inside. In addition to air conditioning are also available to your aesthetic roof windows.

Well protected

So that you can feel in the winter garden as safe as the rest of the house, Schüco returned and this aspect of special attention. With special solutions, burglary, appropriate okuciom and glazed, your winter garden can be effectively protected against vandalism and burglary.

Greater comfort, greater living space

As you can see, there are many arguments for choosing Schüco conservatory. On the one hand you gain an oasis of well-being among the greenery, on the other hand to inflate the value of the property.

And now for the best: The Winter Garden Schüco's always room, for example, on the green grass before the lounge on the covered terrace or from a pre-planned space, integrated with a new home. No matter whether you decide to solve small or on wielokondygnacyjną structure, with a winter garden, you can experience the comfort of Schüco residence at the highest level and also benefit from a much enlarged living space.

At the elegant roof

Even if your interested in "just" a sheltered place to stay in space, the Schüco offers in this case the roof terrace, which here are the most appropriate solution. Unlike ever used wooden pergola, which in combination with dark roofs constitute a dark and unpleasant atmosphere, roof terraces, terrace Schüco allow the device as a place permeated widnego and light. With its attractive design, timeless, glazed roof blends seamlessly in any elevation and provides effective protection against rain and wind and extended moments of warmth in the evening.