Schüco Solar collectors - quality and innovation

Schüco is the leading manufacturer of solar collectors in Germany. In Bielefeld, collectors are manufactured in the state of the art technology that sets new standards in terms of quality and performance.
Heat from solar radiation

Sunlight falling on the collectors on the roof. There is heating in circulation solar fluid which is then transported to the hot water tank. In the heated solar fluid reservoir supplies heat to the wymmiennik water (hot water) and optionally also to support the central heating water (what).


Hot water it's central heating and power

Installing solar panels to heat water completely covers, outside the period of heating, heat demand in the household. At that time, there is no need to run the boiler, which significantly extends its durability. For four-person household with just two collectors and a 300-liter tank solar.

With the installation of additional use to support central heating can be roughly double the energy production. For a household in the same size would be needed for example, four collectors and a 600-liter tank.