A fire-resistant doors, double IDRA are ideal for rooms both private and public, such as: supermarkets, stores, cinemas, etc. These are very safe because the doors exceed the requirements of the most stringent safety regulations. At the same time very functional.
Standard equipment includes Italian doors IDRA: galvanized steel sheet 1mm thick, powder coated, galvanized steel frame with a thickness of 2mm, is packed mineral wool and plasterboard, fire-proof door lock, handle internal and external flame-retardant, self-closing hinges reinforced, galvanized, swelling and sealing the door swing regulating device opening sequence of the wings.
There are a fireproof door IDRA REI 30, 1960 120th


Spanish company offers customers a coat and fire doors internal and external single, double. Standard doors are equipped with corner frame with high strength steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm and finished with epoxy paint, the doors of galvanized steel sheet with a thickness of 0.8 mm, 54mm thick wing, wood-covered plastic, or powder, filling is polystyrene Compressed (door coat) or mineral wool (fire doors), 2 hinges homologues, one of them equipped with semi-automatic spring lock, door handle, automatic locking of passive wing (for the door 2-sk.) intumescent fire seal in the frame ( fire doors). Have all certificates and approvals.
Fire doors are against the version of EI 45 / EI 90 and E 60 / E 120th