Produced by the Italian company since 1975, security doors Dierre characterized by modern technology and innovative solutions used only by Dierre. Their security is primarily to protect against intrusions. Dierre structure differs from other security doors such technical solutions - such as construction:
wieloryglowy central locking fitted sheet MIA - Patent Dierre (allows for the exchange without having to change the key lock)
Artiglio bolt - Patent Dierre (blocking the door frame, performing rotate 90 degrees to prevent the bolt wyszarpanie)
of multi adjustable hinges - Patent Dierre (allows for perfect fit to the door frame)
movable profiled seal threshold automatically adjusts to the formation of the ground after closing the door, protecting the flow of air and light),
opportunity to compose arbitrary sets of lining (to choose from hundreds of designs and types of linings, the possibility of their replacement during the operation).

The company also has in its offer as fire doors and technical addition to the basic functions also have a high aesthetic level.


GERDA company operates in the security market since 1987. Reached in this field leader. Known for high quality doors and locks, padlocks, including burglary include effect of the implementation of innovative, cutting-edge technology and organizational solutions. Given the expectations of the GERDA attaches great importance to the aesthetics and design of their products constantly trying to improve them so that they have met customers' tastes and needs. This gives your reflection in a wide range of designs and colors pressings. For some models, there is the possibility of changing decorative panels in the event of such damage.
GERDA Door Company is a multi-layered construction, which effectively protects against noise and heat loss.
In the available offer certified doors - reinforced security doors and Class C It is worth emphasizing that the insurance companies - including PZU, Warta, TUiR provide many years the highest discounts on insurance for buildings equipped with the company's products.


Steel doors and burglar British company is a high ENTER, and somehow good price at the same time. Covered with a laminated metal, insulated with polyurethane foam and reinforced metal door anchor, have a number of bolts and - new - concealed hinges. They can be mounted on the outside and inside buildings. The company distinguished two types of doors: steel and steel with wooden rails. Both are available in several colors and patterns pressings with a decorative frame.


The basis of the company's offer modern MIKE external doors, weather resistant. Frequently they are used in building single family homes, multifamily buildings and public buildings and office buildings. You can also use them as an internal door. All doors are metal, foam-filled PVC which ensures durability and very low thermal conductivity.


Delta offers its customers a wide range of steel doors from the simplest models of reinforced doors, with increased resistance to break up the security doors class C, which occur in smooth or embossed in several colors. Their common feature is the functionality, aesthetics and good price compared to competing products of similar use.
In order to improve heat conductivity and acoustic doors, some models have the possibility of decorative panels, either unilaterally or bilaterally, as an accessory. DELTA company proposes a standard steel door where the sash, frame and panel profiles are made of wood-like laminate sheet. The same panel is finished in natural oak veneer, which significantly increases the aesthetic value of the door.