Class C security doors are manufactured in accordance with standard PN-90/B-92270 and in accordance with the Council of Ministers of 09.02.1999 on the organization of the Office of Secret as the door to special compartments. Both sides covered with 2 mm thick plate (at the individual contract may be thicker). Burglary protection in the form of three permanent and three blocks przeciwwyważeniowych steel welded hinge shank. Doors are equipped with two locks, one of stretcher class C and a coded grades A to C, consistent with the classification of NATO, protected from overexposure radiology and drilling. In addition, the door to special compartments can be equipped with additional lock, jumper electromagnetic solenoid bolt, elektrozaczep, reed sensor, closing the lock, sealing plugs, door closers and access control systems, etc.


The door to the storage of weapons carried out in accordance with the standard PN-90/B-92270 and Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration, Official Gazette No. 113 Pos. 730 are Class C steel doors, steel sheet coated on both sides 2mm. They have three lock przeciwwyważeniowe from the hinge, and an approved three-point locking of stretcher, padlocked gate RC 1911 certified, preventing sabotage. Is equipped with a lock bolt, which locks the door is opened in a special holder, which you can unlock it, using only the original key, which is shut to prevent operating in a warehouse by unauthorized persons. Both doors and equipment - have Certificates of the Institute of Precision Mechanics Class C. Doors can be fitted in addition to sealing the pins as well as other accessories. Finishes and colors in accordance with the offer door to door C-Class storage of weapons are made in different sizes and can serve only as an opening to the outside, and a leaf.


Made of brushed stainless steel, sanded or mazerowanej, or a steel sheet coated with polyester paint. Frame made of stainless steel or steel coated with polyester, foam filled polyester, is a fitting with cylinder lock. The thickness of the wings depending on the model are 40, 60, 80, 120mm. There are doors here, such as doors rozwieralne light single-or double-leaf doors rozwieralne to cold stores and freezers single, double, light sliding doors weighing up to 120kg and heavy sliding doors weighing up to 200kg.
Offered door stands above all excellent quality and precision, durability and high aesthetic value and functionality. By using the method of injection molding of polyurethane foam under high pressure, this door stands an excellent thermal insulation.


Modular cold rooms is applied in slaughterhouses and meat warehouses, factories processed food, dairy producers, fruit processing plants, vegetables, seafood, bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. It is based on sandwich panels with a core of polyurethane foam joined together. The closed chambers are rozwieralne, sliding or swinging doors refrigeration made of sheet steel or stainless steel. They meet global technical standards.

DOORS as Fire.


A fire-resistant doors, double IDRA are ideal for rooms both private and public, such as: supermarkets, stores, cinemas, etc. These are very safe because the doors exceed the requirements of the most stringent safety regulations. At the same time very functional.
Standard equipment includes Italian doors IDRA: galvanized steel sheet 1mm thick, powder coated, galvanized steel frame with a thickness of 2mm, is packed mineral wool and plasterboard, fire-proof door lock, handle internal and external flame-retardant, self-closing hinges reinforced, galvanized, swelling and sealing the door swing regulating device opening sequence of the wings.
There are a fireproof door IDRA REI 30, 1960 120th


Spanish company offers customers a coat and fire doors internal and external single, double. Standard doors are equipped with corner frame with high strength steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm and finished with epoxy paint, the doors of galvanized steel sheet with a thickness of 0.8 mm, 54mm thick wing, wood-covered plastic, or powder, filling is polystyrene Compressed (door coat) or mineral wool (fire doors), 2 hinges homologues, one of them equipped with semi-automatic spring lock, door handle, automatic locking of passive wing (for the door 2-sk.) intumescent fire seal in the frame ( fire doors). Have all certificates and approvals.
Fire doors are against the version of EI 45 / EI 90 and E 60 / E 120th