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Doors SAPELI is harmony, grace and graciousness. Designed for people who expect a perfect performance doors and at the same time a unique appearance, which creates a very homely atmosphere, which always return with pleasure.
The offer includes hinged doors, folding, swing, glass, bezfelcowe, fire resistant, mechanically, with increased resistance and acoustic doors and climate. You can also highlight fitting tops and sides. If the client is looking for something original SAPELI is able to meet the expectations of the door using the equivalent of his imagination.
As one of the few companies introduced SAPELI frame "OKZ" - adjustable frame opasającą existing metal frame, making it possible to install interior door without removing the old frames which for many customers is the only solution. This frame is assembled in minutes, without dirt, dust, and changes in aesthetic values of the room.
To check the client has a very large number of models and designs and colors of the doors, finished natural veneers, foils, or linings CPL. Using the best materials to ensure high quality and gives excellent results.