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Since 1992 PORTA pursuing a number of objectives, the first of which was to participate in transforming the appearance of Polish flats and aesthetic development of new habits in line with global trends. High aesthetic value they possess Porta doors are the result of high-quality, interesting design and special technology veneering the edges. The company's products are characterized by functionality, durability and the use of gaskets in the door frame is a guarantee of quiet work and integrity.
Especially for clients, taking into account external stimuli acting on the surface of the door, PORTA developed a classification of coverings. Thus, taking into account European standards distinguish coverage: economics (water paint), STANDARD (acrylic paint), STANDARD PLUS (olein: Portadecor, decor minima) PREMIUM (veneers: Portadur, natural, modified natural, wood grain, polyester paint) PROFESSIONAL (veneer: CPL), Extreme (veneer: HPL). As the only natural veneer introduced modified every customer is guaranteed repeatability of color and natural grain pattern.
The company will find the door leafs, internal input, external, technical and hardware as well as frames and various accessories. A common feature of the diversity of performances of individual models is always of high quality regardless of price.