GERDA company operates in the security market since 1987. Reached in this field leader. Known for high quality doors and locks, padlocks, including burglary include effect of the implementation of innovative, cutting-edge technology and organizational solutions.

Given the expectations of the GERDA attaches great importance to the aesthetics and design of their products constantly trying to improve them so that they have met customers' tastes and needs. This gives your reflection in a wide range of designs and colors pressings. For some models, there is the possibility of changing decorative panels in the event of such damage.
GERDA Door Company is a multi-layered construction, which effectively protects against noise and heat loss.
In the available offer certified doors - reinforced security doors and Class C It is worth emphasizing that the insurance companies - including PZU, Warta, TUiR provide many years the highest discounts on insurance for buildings equipped with the company's products.