If you are buying on the installment of the AIG Credit will need:

• Two identity documents
• ID card
• The second document with a photograph (the list of accepted documents is at the sellers)

• evidence of the source and amount of income

persons employed under a contract of employment:
• certificate of employment and earnings

• a recent certificate of the amount of benefits (pensions) or
• the decision to grant benefits along with a section (pensions)

• the original certificate from the Office of Municipal income from agriculture with a note on lack of charges or
• the original of the current demand for payment on the total monetary liabilities, together with two recent proofs of payment

• the original certificate of registration with the register of business entities or the original current (30 days from the date of issue) certificate of taxes and not being
• a certificate from the Tax Office of income or
• evidence of advance payments on income taxes for the past three months or
• a certified copy of the Declaration provided for the Tax Office PIT-5 for the previous month or
• evidence of payment of social security contributions for the next three months